(Aspiring) Author, Travis Weston

Hoping To Drop The (Aspiring) Soon Enough

To You – Letter #6

January 23rd, 2007


To You,

You’re a man now. 20 years old. You’ve most likely graduated, and are in college now. If not, what the hell do you think you’re doing? I want more for you than I could have. I want you to get a degree. Make something of yourself. I don’t care what in, make it something you love, make it something you’ll enjoy doing for the rest of your life, but do it. Even if you never use the degree, at least  you’ll have the experience.

But don’t spend your entire life working. Find someone, skip class, take fewer hours at work, work enough to survive, but then do something with that life. You’ve been granted a gift, and you should make the most of it. God didn’t let you stay on this earth for nothing. You’re meant for great things.

I hope you see that.





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