(Aspiring) Author, Travis Weston

Hoping To Drop The (Aspiring) Soon Enough

To You – A Serial

To You began as a challenge to myself to see if I could create a second-person narrative without it sounding horrible. This was in no small part due to reading in article on, again, Chuck Wendig’s excellent blog, Terrible Minds, titled 25 Things You Should Know About Narrative Point-Of-View, if you don’t already stalk his blog multiple times a day, you really should.

Anyway, when I was growing up, my mother would keep sporadic journals for each of us kids, my sister, my brother and I. Just recently I was given the journal she had written for me, and I read it in a single sitting. It was a trip down memory lane, and into areas of my mind that I’ve never been, places I couldn’t remember, but there I was, on paper, living those events. It’s as close to have amnesia as I hope to ever come, because it was most definitely a disturbing and unsettling event. That being said, I love that journal. It’s one of my most prized pieces of writing. I started, and failed to continue, one for my own children, though I may begin again.

It was this journal that gave me the idea for To You, a journal from father to son. It’s a short story, written entirely in second-person narrative, with the hopes that I don’t cause you the same discomfort as Mr. Wendig, who said it much better than I could:

To be honest, whenever I read a second-person narrative, I keep thinking in my head, “You are eaten by a grue.” Then I quit reading it because, y’know, grue. (Full Text)


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